Mark Adam

For the design of the golf course, Burco America chose Adam Golf Design, an architecture and design firm with over 20 years of experience in the design of golf courses in Europe. Apart from its innovative designs, its high quality standards and construction methodology, Adam Golf Design stands out for its unique and memorable courses, in harmony with the environment, respecting the natural surroundings, that are sustainable and economically feasible.

He has worked in design and construction of famed Cely Golf Club (venue of the world's Women's championship in 1989), the resort Domaine de Belesbat and the haras de I´ermitage, among others.

"The design principles that guided us where to minimize earthmoving by exploiting the subtleties and variations of the existing opography, to use and integrate the natural features on site, such as vegetative cover, the dry river beds and rock outcroppings, to give a natural feel to the course, by conserving as much as possible of the natural vegetation and to design a course that was economically, environmentally and socially sustainable" explains Mark Adam, founding partner of Adam Golf Design, a senior member of the European institute of golf and its immediate past president.